These Are The Best Days Of The Year To Sell Your Home

Dated: May 14 2019

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If you're on the fence about listing your home, now is the perfect time to take the dive. According to a recent ATTOM Data Solutions analysis, 19 of the 20 best days to sell during the calendar year fall in May or June.

After analyzing more than 28 million single-family home and condo sales over the past eight years, ATTOM Data Solutions concluded that sellers listing around this time of the year—as the weather is warming up—will garner seller premiums.

"Since summer is a time for vacations and outings, it's no surprise that it's also a time when people are most likely to move," said Todd Teta, chief product officer with ATTOM Data Solutions.

Additionally, the company broke down their eight years' worth of research month by month. Here were the best months to sell, between 2011 and 2018, based on seller premiums for single-family home and condo sales:

1. June

  • Number of sales: 2,881,400

  • Median sales price: $200,000

  • Seller premium: 9.2%

2. May

  • Number of sales: 2,657,045

  • Median sales price: $190,000

  • Seller premium: 7.4%

3. July

  • Number of sales: 2,752,755

  • Median sales price: $199,500

  • Seller premium: 7.3%

4. April

  • Number of sales: 2,372,242

  • Median sales price: $184,063

  • Seller premium: 6.4%

5. March

  • Number of sales: 2,247,224

  • Median sales price: $178,000

  • Seller premium: 6.1%

6. August

  • Number of sales: 2,802,268

  • Median sales price: $195,706

  • Seller premium: 5.8%

7. February

  • Number of sales: 1,694,513

  • Median sales price: $170,000

  • Seller premium: 5.6%

8. September

  • Number of sales: 2,423,163

  • Median sales price: $190,000

  • Seller premium: 4.7%

9. November

  • Number of sales: 2,094,175

  • Median sales price: $188,173

  • Seller premium: 4.0%

10. January

  • Number of sales: 1,762,726

  • Median sales price: $170,000

  • Seller premium: 3.7%

11. October

  • Number of sales: 2,440,413

  • Median sales price: $188,000

  • Seller premium: 3.3%

12. December

  • Number of sales: 2,223,542

  • Median sales price: $188,000

  • Seller premium: 3.3%

And below is an infographic produced by ATTOM Data Solutions illustrating what they found to be some of the top days during the year to sell a home.

Image title

Image: ATTOM Data Solutions

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